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♃ is the astronomical symbol for Jupiter, the fifth planet. ♃ is also the fifth major DM release, an EP about Jupiter, its four biggest moons, space and its beauty and incredible, mind-boggling vastness.

♃ is an EP conceived after I tried my hand at making music for non-instrumental purposes after Eräänä. I think I tried a bit too hard with that stuff and it ended having too many things going on for its own good, so at some point I simply wanted to do something, well, simpler.

The original idea was to make something very minimal with just the KORG Volcas and the MicroKorg XL, but I soon migrated the production to the NanoStudio for practical reasons, which made making something more elaborate possible. Almost all of the synth sounds, however, were sampled from the Volcas, and I purposely kept the amount of elements to a maximum of five per track: A bass, a beat, a synth arp, choirs and a piano.

As always, the stunning artwork was created by Gregory E. Pilling at Greg once again blew my mind by creating something simple but striking and utterly beautiful based on my extremely vague request to make "something" with Jupiter and the Galilean moons. The full download comes with a PDF booklet including beautiful designs of all the moons combining public-domain space photography by NASA and Greg's minimalist geometric designs.

Mastered by Arde.

Created with: Blip Interactive NanoStudio, KORG MicroKorg XL, KORG Kaoss Pad Mini, KORG Volca Bass, KORG Volca Beats, KORG Volca Keys

Choral samples by Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra
at used under the
Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license

Many of the drum samples used on this record by Boy In A Band


released May 3, 2014




Desert M Finland

Electronic instrumental music from Helsinki, Finland.


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