by Desert M



The material on Autiomaa is actually originally older than ♃, especially the basis for the title track must've been one of the very first new things I made in NanoStudio. Originally I was going to make this EP right after Eräänä, or after the non-instrumental stuff I tried my hand at and failed, but I put the rough ideas on the side burner when I started working on ♃. In the end, I think it was extremely important that I made and released the minimalistic ♃ first, because it allowed me to familiarize myself further with how NanoStudio works and how I can make it do the things I want it to do, which in turn made this EP into what it is today. I think it is an interesting and varied trio of tracks and some of the best material I've made thus far.

Once again, the artwork was created by the inimitable Gregory Pilling. Coincidentally, using NASA photos for the artwork for ♃ lead him to discover a wealth of interesting photography in the public domain US photo repositories, where he also found tons of inspiring nuclear bomb and test -related material - both themes which I just happened to have in mind for this EP at the time. I'm sure you'll see the parallels between the EP and track names and the imagery: Nuclear tests are performed in wastelands and deserts, nuclear explosions are "brighter than a thousand suns" and leave uninhabitable wastelands behind... Also yes, this was also an opportunity to have an embarrassing amount of cringe-inducing self-referential wordplay in the names.


released August 22, 2014

All music by Desert M
Artwork and graphics by Gregory Pilling
Mastered by Arttu Ronkainen




Desert M Finland

Electronic instrumental music from Helsinki, Finland.


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