by Desert M



Lunta was originally a track made for a charity compilation by the synth thread on the Something Awful forums, but I wanted to release it on my own channels as well. The B-side is a "studio version" of the live version of Jääkiteet, which has some different sounds and a bit more oomph to it compared to the original track.

As per usual, the artwork was created by the ever-fantastic Gregory Pilling. Since Lunta kind of is a throwback to the "icy" sound found on Eräänä..., and the B-side is a track from said album, I thought it'd make sense for the artwork to reflect that. So I dug up some of the sketches Greg had made for the LP back in 2013 and asked him to expand on one of the ideas. And expand he did - the end result is something that resembles the album artwork but is also cool and striking in its own way.

All music by Desert M
Artwork and graphics by Gregory Pilling
Mastered by Arttu Ronkainen


released March 30, 2015




Desert M Finland

Electronic instrumental music from Helsinki, Finland.


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